And damn does it taste good..

Hello lovelies ! 
Welcome to She Eats Creativity – my humble abode. I am Christie a 28yo girl on a mission to spread the contagious bug of health and wellness!
I am a Registered Nurse working in Intensive Care + Emergency, moments away from being a Personal Trainer and currently studying a Bachelor of Nutrition. My brain feeds off learning and understanding the body and how we can nourish ourselves inside and out to be the VERY BEST version of ourselves.

Where did my overwhelming passion come from?

Being a nurse for the past 8years has always seen me in the health industry. The more I kept nursing the more I realised I wanted to be apart of something more challenging. I have always been a huge sport and fitness lover – playing State and Rep Basketball in my younger years, First grade soccer in my later years and anything else I could squeeze in. So Personal training seemed like a no brainer to me!

 My passion for Nutrition hits a little closer to home. Aside from my own battles of IBS my partners battle with Chronic Fatigue/Lyme disease/Fibromyalgia has seen the both of us through every elimination diet you can try. The body is a fascinating specimen and I CRAVE the knowledge to feed ourselves to health. I’ve seen positive changes within both of us and I know already the good that food can do.

I would LOVE to share your health journey with you in anyway that I can. I hope you enjoy mine 🌿

Love and Sunshine X